Beauty Solutions G_CELL MAXX
(Glutathione and Fucoidan)


Beauty Solutions G-CELL MAX is the exclusive formulation of Beauty Solutions Cosmetic USA, which combines the two advanced ingredients of Glutathione and Fucoidan together with Vitamin C, Zinc… to create a breakthrough product to improve skin brightening, boost immunity, etoxify, prevent free radicals (cause cancer).

Proper use of dosage, as well as precise and accurate booster dosage measurements will maximize the efficacy of Beauty Solutions’ G-CELL MAXX supplement. This product is good for the youth who want a safe, thrifty, effective, and speedy brighten skin, especially cases of is colored skin, hormone pigment disorders.

The Beauty Solutions G-CELL MAXX can be used at any age, even the elderly, to enhance intelligence, detoxify the body, increase resistance and fight disease from pollution and toxic of the environment or food.

This product was manufactured in an FDA Registered GMP Certified Facility

  • Increases energy
  • Helps fight the free radical
  • Detoxifies the liver & cells
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces the effect of stress
  • Improves skin & makes brightening
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Improves mental focus & clarity
  • Athletic performance & receovery
  • Reduces muscle & joint discomfort

Directions Of Uses:

Adults 18 years or older take two (2) capsules 2 times per day (every 8 hours). Ideally take two (2) before bed or as directed by your physician.


Persons taking prescription anticoagulants (coumadin) or who have medical condition should consult their physician before using this product. If you are pregnant, nursing or on prescription medication consult your physician before use. Discontinue use if adverse reaction occurs. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.

Main Ingredients


Fucoidan is a substance found in the cell walls of certain seaweed species that is used medicinally for a wide variety of health purposes. You might take fucoidan to help treat high blood pressure, infections or allergies. Consult your doctor before you begin using fucoidan to discuss the correct dosage, as well as the potential side effects, drug interactions and other health risks.

Fucoidan is a type of sulfated polysaccharide found in several different species of brown seaweed, ncluding bladder wrack and kelp. Fucoidan contains galactose, glucoronic acid, xylose and several other major constituents that give the substance its potential health benefits, says the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Fucoidan is also called sulfated alpha-L-fucan.

Fucoidan appears to have anti-tumor, anti-cancer and neuroprotective actions, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Specifically, fucoidan acts to block cancer cells from developing and growing. Fucoidan also seems to provide anti-coagulant and antithrombotic effects that improve blood circulation. The substance offers actions that modulate the immune system and antioxidant actions as well.

Like kelp, fucoidan is sometimes recommended to help treat hypertension or high blood pressure. Fucoidan may also help treat allergies, bacterial and viral infections, and inflammation, as well as help to stimulate your immune system, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Similarly, bladder wrack — a type of brown seaweed from which fucoidan is derived — can help to treat wounds and prevent infections, says the University of Michigan Health System. Kelp, another type of brown seaweed containing
fucoidan, is sometimes recommended for treating viral infections like herpes, common colds and influenza, notes the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Talk with your physician before using fucoidan or any type of brown seaweed for medicinal purposes.

Because fucoidan is part of several kinds of brown seaweed, different types of seaweed offer additional medicinal uses due to their other constituents. For example, bladder wrack is also sometimes used to treat hypothyroidism, due to its high iodine content, as well as gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, indigestion and gastritis, says the University of Michigan Health System. Kelp is sometimes recommended to help prevent cancer, support HIV treatments and promote weight loss, notes the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. No conclusive medical research supports the use of brown seaweed or fucoidan to treat or prevent any health condition, however.

Although no major adverse reactions have been reported from using fucoidan, the substance may increase your bleeding risks if you’re also taking blood-thinning medications, warns the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. If you take large amounts of certain types of brown seaweed like kelp or bladder wrack, you could develop thyroid problems due to excessive iodine intake. Also, brown seaweed like kelp can contain possibly dangerous levels of toxic substances, like arsenic, that the plant absorbs from a contaminated water environment, potentially causing poisoning when you ingest it in large amounts, cautions the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. (By Sarah


Glutathione is known to be present in all animal cells in the form of very small molecules, synthesized from cells with 3 basic amino acids, cysteine, glutamic and glycine. Because of their existence in every cell, glutathione is able to neutralize free substances then it has been called the most powerful and important antioxidant in your body.

With the ability to neutralize free stem cells, glutathione can help your body eliminate toxins to prevent oxidation. At the same time, this ingredient will boost the body’s immune system, protect your particular cells as well as your health in general. Therefore, this ingredient has been applied in medicine quite a lot.

With that, in the last few years, glutathione has also begun to appear in whitening products. Surely you know, our skin color is determined by three basic elements: the yellow color of the precursor vitamin A (also known as carotene), the black of melanin and the red color of red blood cells. When using products containing Glutathione, this ingredient will inhibit the production of melanin, so your skin will be white.

In addition to beauty, Glutathione also appears in the cells of the immune system. Therefore, some preventive and therapeutic drugs are also incorporated into this component.

Glutathione’s mechanism of action for health
With the ability to neutralize free radicals, Glutathione can help your body eliminate toxins to prevent oxidation. At the same time, this ingredient will boost the body’s immune system, protect your particular cells as well as your health in general. Therefore, this ingredient has been applied in medicine quite a lot.

Potential risks of injecting glutathione.
Well known for its healing properties but has been used in recent skin whitening, the oversupply of glutathione for a short period of time through direct injection can lead to reactions such as fever, headache, hair loss, depression, kidney failure, thyroid dysfunction and more can lead to death.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vitamins necessary for health, especially it works to beautify, keep the skin young, bright and smooth skin also helps to regenerate effectively. Currently, in addition to absorbing vitamin C from vegetables, foods, women also find Vitamin C extracted in the cosmetic line to enhance the beauty and skin care of her. So what vitamin C works for the skin and how to use the new right? Learn about Vitamin C through the information below

Limit the damage caused by UV rays
The harmful effects of environmental pollution, sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation are getting stronger and stronger, leading to our skin being directly affected. From there, it produces skin problems such as premature aging, darkened skin and freckles. In scientific studies of dermatitis, vitamin C is not a protective film for your skin from the sun’s rays, but its effects will help you fight the oxidation of the skin caused by UV rays. Preventing the growth of free radicals produced by UV rays.

Vitamin C works to replenish and fill the epidermis
Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin where large amounts of vitamin C are found. Therefore, when the body is fully supplemented with Vitamin C from within and using products containing Vitamin C, the surface Your skin will become smooth, acne blemishes will quickly fill up, regenerate a new skin.

Strengthen production of Collagen by Vitamin C
Sisters know that collagen is important in maintaining a firm skin tone. Many women have found ways to add collagen to their body by taking collagen. However, it is rare to find that providing adequate amounts of Vitamin C to the body directly affects the production of natural collagen. From there, the skin restores its inherent elasticity.

Healing the wound
In the healing system of the wounds, our body uses Vitamin C to make a thin film of the scar, covering the open wound. Therefore, the addition of vitamin C to the body when the skin is hurt is absolutely necessary, moreover, it also helps create new skin is not dark colors make a difference in your skin.

Vitamin C prevents skin dryness
Vitamin C is absorbed through the diet in foods such as fruits and vegetables are red. Therefore, when your body always stores enough vitamin C, your skin will be affected to become brighter and vitality from the skin to prevent dryness, wrinkles caused by aging.

And the most important thing of Vitamin C in G_CELL MAX Beauty Solutions is to act as a booster to enhance the effectiveness of Glutathione in the pill. Choosing the right and sufficient catalyst to enhance the interplay efficiency of components in a product is a necessary and vital experience in every product of Beauty Solutions.


Zinc (Zinc) is an essential mineral indispensable in the human body. Zinc is essential for the functioning of over 300 different types of enzymes in the body and it plays a vital role in the many biological processes that take place in the body.

As we know zinc is involved in the combination of protein and nucleic acid, zinc affects cell division, growth and regeneration. According to studies from zinc science that play a supporting role in the healing and healing of various organ damage, it is now either added to its composition or simply zinc to therapies. Whether the disease on the human body.

Based on the scientific basis, ingested zinc is helpful in treating many diseases: high efficacy in supporting the treatment of diarrhea in malnourished children, wound in peptic ulcer, Red blood cells sickle, prevent mental retardation, hair loss, genital delay, impotence, improve skin, eyes and increase appetite.

Zinc can be a safe and effective candidate for people with type I and type II herpes disease, improving cholesterol levels in hemodialysis patients, increasing the amount of good cholesterol and reducing the amount of bad cholesterol. Zinc is also very beneficial for immune cells, significantly reducing the accumulation of plaque and is very effective in copper metabolism disorders.

There are many diseases that zinc can deal with and produce good results but the number of studies is not as good as hair loss, body weakness, bad breath, genetic bleeding disorders, iron metabolism disorders Burns, chronic prostatitis, cognitive deficits in children, flu, Crohn’s disease, scalp dangers, type 1 and 2 diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, eczema, Liver disease, hepatitis C, hypothyroidism, wounds, infertility, malnutrition in children, leprosy, cirrhosis, malaria, parasites, cramps, Arsenic, psoriasis, arthritis, stomatitis, tinnitus, and viral warts.

The Zinc ingredient included in the Beauty Solutions G_CELL MAX provides antioxidants that provide immune support, help structure of DNA, cellular genetic material, and it’s essential for cell division. As the development of the cell, supporting the function of the hormone insulin, the most important is to minimize the activity of Glutathione (if any) in case the customer replenishes excess necessary as directed.

Here are four essential ingredients that make a great product for you. Please contact us immediately to get a complete complementary product for you, friends and relatives.


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