Beauty Solutions Pure Extract Toner

Instead, use a gentle, soothing toner to remove oil and traces of dirt and grime. Toners are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products such as sun screen.

In cosmetics, skin toner or simply toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways: On damp cotton wool.

The Beauty Solutions Astringent Toner is formulated and produced applying for all types of skins including the sensitive skin. It formulated with only pure extracts making the product without any smell or color.

In addition, The Beauty Solutions Astringent Toner can be used to reduce puffiness of eye bags and dissolve irritated skin, insect bites, itchy urticaria … just apply regularly to the affected area you will immediately feel its effect.


After using a cleanser with warm water and a washcloth, splash your face with cold water. Then, saturating two cotton pads or your fingers, use toner on your face, neck, and décolletage at night to complete the cleansing of the skin, and in the morning to remove sebum produced during the night and to balance your skin’s PH.

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